Palmdale Residents Launch Free Outdoor Gym For All in Southern California

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“Healthy communities are thriving communities and it’s very exciting to see Palmdale becoming part of this great movement that is growing nationally,” said Palmdale Mayor Steve Hofbauer. “A special thanks to our partners Antelope Valley Hospital and Kaiser Permanente. It’s these kinds of partnerships that strengthen our community and give our residents more opportunities for engagement and healthy fun.”

The City of Palmdale, located in the beautiful Antelope Valley, has joined the National Fitness Campaign and constructed a new outdoor Fitness Court! This healthy community has decided to provide no-cost bodyweight circuit training workouts for adults of all fitness levels — and launch their local wellness campaign for the spring.

“This partnership between the City of Palmdale and Antelope Valley Hospital allows us to extend our message of healthier living into the community where families are already gathering,” said Antelope Valley Hospital CEO Edward Mirzabegian. “As a local healthcare leader, we are not only focused on taking care of people when they’re sick or injured, we want to help local residents live healthier. The Fitness Court is one more way we’re accomplishing that goal.”


Located in family-friendly Pelona Vista Park, visitors to the Palmdale Fitness Court can bike, jog or run to the Court before getting their simple seven-movement workout on! Thanks to the support of local healthcare sponsors and engaged residents, users of all abilities will have access to a free, world-class workout.

“As a nonprofit integrated healthcare system, we have a social mission to improve the health of the communities we serve and we can only do that in partnership with others,” said Kaiser Permanente Administrator for the Antelope Valley, Maybelle Liquigan. “Good health extends beyond the four walls of Kaiser Permanente. Health happens in parks, in community, in the places we live, learn, work, play, and pray. We were thrilled to provide the City of Palmdale with a $20,000 grant to support the construction of this new place for health.”

Residents are invited to celebrate the grand opening of the Court at an Opening Day Launch Party in May. With some great music, a fun community fitness challenge, free giveaways, and all-ages express classes, this Fitness Court will be open in style.

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Bedford is First in Virginia to Make Outdoor Fitness Free for All

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The City of Bedford, Virginia, has partnered with National Fitness Campaign to install and activate a state-of-the-art outdoor gym facility for all ages in Liberty Lake Park, one of the community’s most vibrant and active spaces. Thanks to an outpouring of support from city leadership, residents and Ambassadors, this city is making fitness free — for everyone!

The Fitness Court is an outdoor bodyweight circuit training facility designed to transform this thriving public park into a community wellness hub. As part of the national campaign ecosystem, the free Fitness Court App allows residents to track their training progress, learn new routines and compete in exciting fitness challenges.

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The new gym was made possible through the generosity of many groups, but especially thanks to the efforts of D.W. Lawhorne, the Town’s Director of Parks & Recreation. This project is another unique way for Bedford residents to celebrate making healthy choices every day.

“It is a complete workout system that allows people to do a complete full body workout in seven minutes,” said Town Director of Public Works, D.W. Lawhorne. “Bedford would be the first locality in the state of Virginia to have one of these fitness courts.”

Speaking about the new Court, Assistant Town Manager Sonia Jammes said, “This will be a community project because it is free for the public. People don’t have to pay membership fees at something like this.”

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To help everyone get their best workout, a special Fitness Court Launch event is scheduled for the week of May 6th. Residents can attend a free express class to give the Court a try, as local Ambassadors lead circuits for all ages and abilities. This celebration will provide residents a chance to enjoy their new outdoor space, and demonstrate how to stay fit with seven simple movements.

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Converse Launches Fitness Court in San Antonio Metro Area

The Converse Fitness Court is NOW OPEN!


Here’s How It Happened:

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The City of Converse is paving the way to a healthier community this month with a brand new Fitness Court in City Park! Through an exciting partnership with National Fitness Campaign, the city will officially activate their state-of-the-art outdoor gym facility in just a few weeks.

“We are very pleased that the new fitness court will be a high quality exercise experience for residents of all ages — to include our local military members — that will be free of charge for everyone,” said Al Suarez, city Mayor. “We are encouraging and promoting healthy living for all our residents and this new addition will provide another viable option to living a good healthy life in the city of Converse."

In City Park, the Fitness Court will be a great addition to an already active space, attracting residents and visitors that want a destination to have some fun outdoors with their family and friends.

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This April, residents of Converse welcomed the Fitness Court with an official ribbon cutting, free outdoor express classes, and a competitive fun-filled official Court Challenge.

Users can take advantage of the Court’s free Fitness Court App, acting as a how-to guide and “coach in the pocket”. This self-guided mobile support makes it easy to master the Court’s seven movements at a customized pace and difficulty.



La Porte Brings National Fitness Campaign to Kesling Park

The La Porte Fitness Court is NOW OPEN!


Here’s How It Happened:

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La Porte, Indiana is paving the way to a healthier community this Spring with a brand new Fitness Court in Kesling Park! Through partnership with National Fitness Campaign and thanks to a generous donation from the Healthcare Foundation of La Porte, the city will officially activate their state-of-the-art outdoor gym facility in just a few weeks.

“I love going to the park, it’s always very clean, a very scenic walk and everyone you meet there is very pleasant,” a local resident stated. “I feel very comfortable at the park, it’s a great place to get your exercise in early in the morning.”

Kesling Park is a unique destination, filled with amenities for the whole family — alongside racquetball courts, fitness trails, soccer fields and tennis courts, the Fitness Court will be an outstanding addition for anyone wanting to have some fun outdoors with their family and friends.

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Now that the Fitness Court is open, residents can take advantage of a no-cost “coach in the pocket” with the free Fitness Court App. This self-guided mobile support makes it easy for any user to master the Court’s seven movements at their own pace and level of ability.



Thanks to Foster City, Free Fitness Sweeps Across the Bay Area


Foster City will unveil its brand new Fitness Court to the community on Saturday, April 27th, joining San Francisco and Sacramento as partners in the National Fitness Campaign.

Located in Shorebird Park, this outdoor gym will be surrounded by 3.5 acres of bay-front green space. The park also features convenient parking, picnic facilities and direct access to the area’s most popular jogging and biking route – The Bay Trail.

San Francisco’s Marina Green Fitness Court was the first to be installed along the iconic 365 mile trail – thanks to Foster City, users can now enjoy strength, calisthenics and circuit training at not one, but TWO trail locations! As always, this one-of-a-kind gym is completely free to the public, and available to during standard park hours.

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The city’s Parks and Recreation Department is committed to providing innovative services that contribute to a healthy community, and participating in this national campaign aligns with the City’s goal of promoting social equity for residents.

The Foster City community is invited to try out the new facility and free mobile app during the fun Launch Party event scheduled for Saturday April 27th between 10:00 AM to 12:00 PM. The event will feature a quick fitness challenge and healthy snacks from local vendors, as well as express group classes and demonstrations.

Grab your workout buddy and meet us on the #FitnessCourt!