The World's Best Outdoor Gym

The Fitness Court® is a bodyweight circuit training system designed for adults of all ages and abilities. 



Each Fitness Court® is integrated with shock-resistant sports flooring and supports functional fitness movements that allow for up to 28 individuals to use the Court at the same time.

How It Works: 7 movements in 7 minutes


National Fitness Campaign’s outdoor bodyweight circuit-training system features a series of full-body functional fitness exercises that can be completed in just seven minutes. 7 Movements in 7 Minutes is a simple yet powerful workout created for a range of athletic abilities, and is optimally performed on the Fitness Court®. Developed by experts in the field, each exercise takes 45 seconds, with a 15-second interlude between sets, and is shown to burn more calories per minute than most other forms of exercise.

Beginner Routine

Intermediate Routine

Advanced Routine

Each station helps people improve over time

Each station helps people improve over time


The Fitness Court® accommodates a variety of skill levels and abilities at each station, from beginner to expert. Each movement area allows users to leverage their bodyweight at different angles and levels of resistance as a tool to improve their fitness over time. 



Working out is better outdoors. Ditch the stuffy gym or crowded studio and enjoy the sunshine, refreshing breeze and natural energy of exercising outside, the way you were made to.


Each station offers virtually unlimited ways to perform each movement


In addition to the 7 Movements in 7 Minutes training system, the Fitness Court® can be used in thousands of ways and variations. The possibilities for custom movements and routines are endless. 



The Fitness Court® builds community while being fun to use.  Challenge yourself, your friends and your community to get outside and get active. 



Fitness Court Mobile App

The Fitness Court App makes it easy to personalize each and every workout. Scroll through how-to videos to learn the basics of every routine, then listen to our heart-pumping guided circuits, led by personal trainers to get you moving. Ready to push yourself and take a scored, timed challenge? Try the seven minute NFC Challenge!



Fitness As Civic Art

The Fitness Court® has been elegantly crafted and beautifully designed. This sculptural, durable, high-grade system features a beautiful palette and energizing colors. The one-of-a-kind installation complements any active public space.


Low maintenance system: bodies move, not the equipment. 

This beautiful design packs a punch when seamlessly integrated into a 35'x32' space. 


Bring a Fitness Court to your next project. 

Our experienced design team is glad to assist with your unique project. Contact us today for a quote.

Specifications, CAD drawings and 3D models are available upon request.