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Enroll in Free Outdoor Fitness Classes

The Pulse is National Fitness Campaign’s premiere outdoor exercise class for the Fitness Court. Look for free classes in your city and sign up right on the app!


Learn the Moves.

Discover the Fitness Court’s 7 Movements — Core, Squat, Push, Lunge, Pull, Agility and Bend — to challenge and strengthen your body. Beginner, intermediate and advanced training videos demonstrate how users of any age or ability can use free, simple bodyweight circuit training system.


Get Training.

Take your workouts to the next level with guided step by step coaching from expert trainers. Celebrity trainers like fitness influencer Rob Riches will show you how get the most of the Fitness Court. You won't believe what you're capable of.


Take the Challenge.

Grab a friend, complete a circuit and see how you score in our timed challenge feature. Get ready to sweat, and do as many reps as you can in 7 minutes.


Work your way to the Top!

Share your challenge and see how you rank on local and national leaderboards. Look out for chances to win swag and cash prizes as you improve your scores.


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