Let's Get People Moving


National Fitness Campaign is a social enterprise paving the way for proactive health. The Fitness Court® is a powerful way to encourage activity and promote community wellness. 


Healthy Infrastructure for the 21st Century



Encourage Healthy Lifestyles

Even beyond the Fitness Court®, NFC partners are champions and pioneers of healthy living. We believe that regular outdoor exercise should be exciting, social and invigorating. 


Fitness Courts for All Communities


With each national campaign, NFC provides fully funded Fitness Courts to selected partners in under-served communities. 

The Fitness Court® is much more than an outdoor gym — it builds community around a positive message.

At NFC, we believe that every individual deserves access to best-in-class facilities to improve their personal health.


Social Enterprise


For over 30 years, National Fitness Campaign has been helping people across the country live more active and healthy lives. Since 1979, NFC has partnered with over 4,000 cities and schools to convert public spaces into community fitness hubs anchored by the world's best outdoor gym — the Fitness Court®

NFC is a social enterprise, providing a share of their profits to communities in need expand access to healthy infrastructure. Founder Mitch Menaged takes no salary, so every dollar made contributes to developing Fitness Courts and accessible healthy programming nationwide.