City of West Linn Launches First Free Outdoor Fitness Court For Residents in Oregon


The beautiful City of West Linn, nested between Portland’s city lights and Mount Hood’s exciting slopes, has spearheaded an initiative to bring affordable exercise amenities to those looking for a best-in-class full-body workout. This new, important initiative expands the connected trails and recreation offerings already available in this active community of the Pacific Northwest, and makes world-class fitness free for all.

City leaders have worked hard over the past year to prepare and launch this exciting new facility in Tanner Creek Park, home to fun for the whole family! Director of Parks and Recreation, Ken Worcester, joins a network of partners, sponsors, and fitness fanatics around the country to celebrate the effort to promote healthy living for residents.

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For access to guided workouts, free classes, to get involved with exclusive training events, or to find out how to qualify for the Fitness Court Challenge, residents are invited to download the free Fitness Court App on iOS or Android: nfchq.com/app

An exciting Fitness Court Festival planned for September will offer free express classes, one-on-one Ambassador training opportunities, and giveaways from local vendors! This celebration will coincide with other fun fall fitness events, and provide residents a chance to enjoy their new outdoor gym.

Let’s meet on the new #FitnessCourt in Tanner Creek Park!


Oregon Residents Launch Free Outdoor Gym For All in Ohio

The Oregon Fitness Court is NOW OPEN!


Here’s How It Happened:


Oregon, Ohio has become the second city in the state to install a Fitness Court! In 2018, the City of Avon made headlines by partnering with Cleveland Clinic to install Ohio’s first ever Fitness Court. This year, Oregon has joined National Fitness Campaign to bring the initiative to residents in the greater Toledo area!

Soon to be available for public use at Coontz Recreation Complex, the new Oregon Fitness Court will be a cutting-edge amenity for adults and seniors, transforming the park into a multi-generational destination!


The effort to bring free fitness to Oregon was led by the city’s Parks and Recreation staff. Under Director Tim Borton, the city officially applied for participation in the Campaign in summer 2018, Oregon is one of only 200 cities accepted into NFC’s 2019 grant program.

In celebration of their new Fitness Court, Oregon hosted a special Launch Party for all. This exciting kick off event gave community members the opportunity to learn how to most effectively use the outdoor gym. Fitness Court Ambassadors were on-site to lead a series of express classes and workout demonstrations.

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