The Most Beautiful Gym in the United States is Completely Free.

Overlooking the San Francisco Bay and located along the Marina Green trail network, the San Francisco Fitness Court is the most scenic gym in America. Visitors enjoy panoramic views of the Golden Gate Bridge while working out and can follow up their circuit training with walks or jogs through the Presidio National Park or Historic Fisherman’s Wharf.

San Francisco ushered in a new generation of outdoor fitness Infrastructure when it debuted the Fitness Court in 2013. Since then, the National Fitness Campaign has studied and perfected the court’s design, developing new digital tools and incentives to ensure that users enjoy the best possible experience in public spaces. The campaign in San Francisco also benefits from a mobile app, an ongoing membership drive and a strong social media presence that keep users engaged online and on-the-court.  We think everyone deserves a membership to a great free gym which is why we want to put a Fitness Court a city near you.

Fitness Courts are the result of great local partnerships. In San Francisco, NFC was fortunate to work with Rec and Park Director Phil Ginsburg. Phil believed in the National Fitness Campaign and worked tirelessly to launch the court and help it flourish.


The San Francisco Fitness Court is just the start. Inspired by the success of our first Fitness Court, NFC is working with cities throughout the country to build and open Fitness Courts in 2018. We’ve already awarded $10,000 grants to 50 partner cities across 25 states. There’s still time and funding available for cities to join the 2018 campaign.