Partnerships Have Transformed Public Space in Fate

The Texas Health Presbyterian Hospital Rockwall Fitness Court is NOW OPEN!


Here's How It Happened:

2018 Campaign Logo Fate (1).png

The expansive Robert Smith Family Park in Fate, Texas, will soon be the home of the Texas Health Presbyterian Hospital Rockwall Fitness Court®. This fastest-growing city in the Dallas metro has partnered with a local health care provider, alongside National Fitness Campaign, to create a beautiful, outdoor community hub for wellness.

Users of the Fitness Court® will also be able to use the park’s walking trail and other great amenities like a disc golf course, pavilion, playground and LED solar lighting that allows a family-friendly space to move and play.

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A trailblazing team of three are working together to champion the local wellness program in Fate, and to expand access to healthy infrastructure. Together, the Assistant City Manager, Justin Weiss; Special Assistant to the City Manager, Jessica Larson; and the Director of Public Works, Steve Gilbert, saw an opportunity to impact their community for the better — and they took it!

The facility's captivating back wall pays tribute to Texas Health Presbyterial Hospital Rockwall, who has also played a major role in bringing the project to life. The hospital devotes itself to the community it serves, and supporting the Fitness Court® aligns perfectly with their "family helping family" approach to healthcare.