Converse Launches Fitness Court in San Antonio Metro Area

The Converse Fitness Court is NOW OPEN!


Here’s How It Happened:

2018 Campaign Logo Converse.png

The City of Converse is paving the way to a healthier community this month with a brand new Fitness Court in City Park! Through an exciting partnership with National Fitness Campaign, the city will officially activate their state-of-the-art outdoor gym facility in just a few weeks.

“We are very pleased that the new fitness court will be a high quality exercise experience for residents of all ages — to include our local military members — that will be free of charge for everyone,” said Al Suarez, city Mayor. “We are encouraging and promoting healthy living for all our residents and this new addition will provide another viable option to living a good healthy life in the city of Converse."

In City Park, the Fitness Court will be a great addition to an already active space, attracting residents and visitors that want a destination to have some fun outdoors with their family and friends.

Converse TX Render.png

This April, residents of Converse welcomed the Fitness Court with an official ribbon cutting, free outdoor express classes, and a competitive fun-filled official Court Challenge.

Users can take advantage of the Court’s free Fitness Court App, acting as a how-to guide and “coach in the pocket”. This self-guided mobile support makes it easy to master the Court’s seven movements at a customized pace and difficulty.