Imperial Beach Joins the National Fitness Campaign at the Ocean's Edge

The Imperial Beach Fitness Court is NOW OPEN!


Here’s How It Happened:

2018 Campaign Logo Imperial Beach.png

Does your gym have panoramic ocean views? If you’re in Imperial Beach, California it does! National Fitness Campaign is thrilled to announce the newest Fitness Court installation at Dunes Park in the City of Imperial Beach.

Located in an exciting and beautiful park just off the city’s iconic pier, this new outdoor fitness hub is a family-friendly destination for all to enjoy!

IB CA Render.png

Dunes Park — a favorite of the local community — is the perfect spot to soak up the laid back style of this beach community, and appreciate a traditional Southern California afternoon by the sea. Featured works by local artists, the park’s play structures, bike paths and direct access to the city’s popular “Sandy Beach” now compliment the world’s best outdoor gym!

Joining the 2018 National Fitness Campaign is proof of city leadership’s commitment to health, wellness and accessible outdoor infrastructure. The Imperial Beach Fitness Court will provide high-quality and invigorating exercise for families of all fitness abilities and income levels.

Fitness Court 6.jpg



Oklahoma City Kicks Off Citywide National Fitness Campaign in the Boathouse District

2018 Campaign Logo Oklahoma City.png

NFC is thrilled to welcome Oklahoma City, OK as the latest participant in the 2018 National Fitness Campaign. In this multi-site model city, community leaders and local trainers have decided to make world-class fitness free, and announced the launch of five outdoor Fitness Courts, the first of which will open at the Boathouse District.

Director of Parks and Recreation, Doug Kupper, joins a network of partners, funding sponsors, and fitness fanatics nationwide to celebrate the effort to promote healthy living for residents.

This beautiful city, home of the OKC Thunder and over 90 miles of trails, has spearheaded an initiative to bring affordable exercise amenities to those looking for a best-in-class full-body workout.

OKC Rendera.png

An exciting Fitness Court Festival planned for Spring will offer free express bootcamps, one-on-one Ambassador training opportunities, and giveaways from local vendors and media! This celebration will jump start the local fitness season, provide residents a chance to enjoy their new outdoor gym, and demonstrate how to stay fit with seven simple movements.

The Boathouse District — where residents and visitors focus on fun, fitness and encouraging people to take on new challenges — is the perfect location to check out the City’s new upgrades to healthy community infrastructure. In addition, residents can find the world’s best outdoor gym in four more locations across the City — in Woodson Park, Stars & Stripes Park, Wiley Post Park and Douglass Park.


National Fitness Campaign and our partners in Oklahoma City, the Boathouse District and the OKC metro area invite residents to take advantage of the five new Fitness Court locations beginning on Saturday, December 15th. For access to guided workouts, to get involved with exclusive training events, or to learn how to qualify for the Fitness Court Challenge event, residents are invited to download the free Fitness Court App on iOS or Android.

We’ll see you on the Fitness Court!


Leander Residents Launch Free Outdoor Fitness for Austin Texas Metro

The Leander Fitness Court is NOW OPEN!


Here’s How It Happened:

2018 Campaign Logo Leander.png

Leander, Texas is the latest one of 100 cities across the country to install a Fitness Court in 2018! Located just north of Austin, this city is first in the metropolitan area to join National Fitness Campaign in making fitness free and accessible for all in their active community spaces!

LTX Render.png

This modern outdoor facility is available to adults of all ages and fitness levels in Leander’s beloved Robin Bledsoe Park. Locals say this park has it all! Robin Bledsoe’s 16 acres feature multipurpose athletic fields, a children’s playscape, swimming pool, splash pad and many more recreational amenities for the betterment of all residents. This hub for outdoor activity, is the perfect home for the new community Fitness Court!

With a supporting coach-in-your-pocket mobile app, and seven simple bodyweight stations, the Fitness Court is a complete wellness ecosystem — all completely free to use!




City of Ennis Launches Free Outdoor Fitness for Residents in Dallas Metro

The Ennis Fitness Court is NOW OPEN!


Here’s How It Happened:


The City of Ennis, Texas is making world-class fitness free with The Fitness Court! As one of 100 carefully selected cities to join the 2018 Campaign, Ennis is on the cutting edge of modern wellness and outdoor infrastructure. The new Court in Jaycee Park will be a high quality exercise experience available to adults of all abilities and completely free of cost.

monte bella park.png

With a stunning views of Ennis’ City Lake, the Fitness Court at Jaycee Park will give users the opportunity to shake up their wellness routines and soak up the sun.

Users can download The Fitness Court Mobile App to learn routines, follow guided trainings, and compete in speed challenges on this contemporary outdoor facility. The city’s Parks and Recreation Department encourages residents to prioritize healthy living and take full advantage of this new addition to the community.


Everyone in the Ennis area celebrated the arrival of the Fitness Court on Saturday, October 21st in Jaycee Park. The Launch Party included a ribbon cutting ceremony, then an opportunity to hop on the Court for a workout or download the mobile app to jam out to some audio guides.



Garden City Leads State in Joining National Fitness Campaign

The Garden City Fitness Court is NOW OPEN!


Here’s How It Happened:

2018 Campaign Logo Garden City.png

City leaders, residents, local businesses, and community groups in Garden City, Michigan have rallied together in pursuit of health and wellness. Thanks to the outstanding hard work of city staff and incredible generosity of local donors, Garden City will have the first Fitness Court in the state of Michigan!

Using the state’s lead crowdfunding platform — Patronicity — Garden City promoted the value of the Fitness Court across the community and raised over $50,000 in donations! Further contributing to the success of the project was the Michigan Economic Development Corporation (MEDC) and Wayne County, who matched community donations dollar for dollar and helped carry Garden City to the goal line.

GC Render.png

“The Garden City Fitness Court campaign has been an extraordinary journey and a true example of a community rallying behind free fitness for all,” said Monica Fulton, Garden City Director of Community Resources.

Bringing the Fitness Court to the community is part of an effort to get Garden City residents moving like never before. With support from the city, local organizations can use the Court as a venue for group fitness classes and health workshops to spread awareness and spark excitement about healthy living.


“The City of Garden City is passionate about providing its residents with opportunities to build happy and healthy lives. The National Fitness Campaign’s mission proclaims dedication to building healthy communities around the world. It is a perfect fit and both organizations are better for having partnered together in the spirit of health,” said Fulton.