Let's get people moving


The National Fitness Campaign is a social enterprise paving the way for proactive health. NFC Fitness Courts® are a powerful way to encourage activity and promote community wellness. 


Cities need to activate public spaces



encourage healthy lifestyles

Even beyond the Fitness Court®, NFC partners are champions of new perspectives on healthy living. We believe that regular outdoor exercise should be exciting, social and invigorating. 


Fitness Courts for Communities in Need


Each year, NFC provides a select number of partners in under served neighborhoods with fully funded NFC Fitness Courts®

The Fitness Court® is much more than an outdoor gym - it builds community around a positive message.

We believe that every individual deserves the right to state-of-the-art facilities to improve their personal health.


Social Enterprise


Founded in 1979 by fitness enthusiast Mitch Menaged, National Fitness Campaign (NFC) has been helping people live more active and healthy lives across the country for over 30 years. In its history, the campaign has partnered with over 4,000 cities and colleges to convert public spaces into outdoor circuit training systems, NFC Fitness Courts®. 

NFC is a social enterprise, providing a share of their profits to communities in need to help them build Fitness Courts® and expand access to healthy infrastructure. Founder Mitch Menaged takes no salary.



An idea to transform outdoor exercise


In 1979, NFC founder Mitch Menaged saw an opportunity to reimagine outdoor fitness stations into a compact, engaging social experience. 


alone vs. together: building community. 

NFC Fitness Court

NFC invented the Fitness Court in 1979, piloting the program in San Francisco and at Stanford University.


The first Fitness Court in San Francisco


Campaign Success

Between 1980 and 1990, National Fitness Campaign grew to over 4,000 communities. We created partnerships with more than 100 corporate sponsors and raised over $100 million in the US, Canada and Australia. This was the largest ever public-private partnership in support of physical fitness. 



Building NFC for the 21st Century

Mitch Menaged  Founder, NFC

Mitch Menaged  Founder, NFC


In 2011, Mitch Menaged assembled a world-class team to reinvent NFC for the 21st century, using San Francisco as a laboratory to build the world's best outdoor gym


Meet the Team

Mark Lauren                                 U.S. Special Forces

Mark Lauren                                 U.S. Special Forces


Mark Lauren is a bodyweight fitness expert and creator of fitness systems for America's special forces.  Mark created the DNA of the powerful seven station, high intensity, body weight training system. 

Sam Lucente                      Hewlett Packard VP Design

Sam Lucente                      Hewlett Packard VP Design


Sam Lucente, one of America's most celebrated industrial designers, crafted the Fitness Court as urban art. He then matched body movement structures with elegant molded shapes  to introduce world-class design with "Silicon Valley" style. 

Phil Ginsburg                                  SF Rec and Park G.M.

Phil Ginsburg                                  SF Rec and Park G.M.


San Francisco's Director of Recreation and Parks, Phil Ginsburg, partnered with NFC to support a two year design, testing and development process. Using Treasure Island in San Francisco as a lab for research & development, NFC crafted the Fitness Court to perfection over thousands of trials. 

Gadi Amit                                      New Deal Design President

Gadi Amit                                      New Deal Design President


Gadi Amit is the founder and president of New Deal Design -  ranked #1 by Fast Company Magazine as America's Most Innovative Design team. NDD synthesized form and function, pride and energy, court and concept, producing the world's best outdoor gym: a Fitness Court®


The NFC Fitness Court

San Francisco Fitness Court Pilot at the Marina Green

San Francisco Fitness Court Pilot at the Marina Green


Campaign Expands to France


In 2014, NFC launched the campaign across France with rugby legend Sebastian Chabal. 

  • endorsed by French Sports Minister in 2014
  • launched at conference of mayors in 2015
  • Campaign toured France in 2016

Fit Radio + National Fitness Campaign


In 2017, NFC partnered with Fit Radio to launch a sponsor-funded 2018 National Fitness Campaign in 100 communities across the United States. 

Funding available to launch 100 new sites. 

Funding available to launch 100 new sites.