World class workout in just 7 minutes. 


Whether you are a fitness professional or working out for the first time, the Fitness Court's innovative workout system provides a fun full-body routine that anyone can complete in just seven minutes. 



Watch the video below to hear our story and learn about funding for our 2018 Campaign. 


 The Future of public spaces 

The perfect complement to your next Park,  Community Development or Trail System, Fitness Courts are transformative communal spaces that enrich lives.


Digital. Social. Connected.


Our digital tools activate the Fitness Court and build community. 


free for users.Funds for cities. 


Making fitness free and accessible to everyone is the heart of the National Fitness Campaign. It’s why we partner with great sponsors like Fit Radio to help communities like yours get the funds and resources you need to make your Fitness Court a reality. We’re excited to kick off our 2018 campaign to build Fitness Courts across the USA and beyond.  


A Model that works

Founded in 1979, the National Fitness Campaign has funded and launched Fitness Courts in over 4,000 locations. We use our experience to help you fund, site and activate your next Fitness Court with step by step guidance and sponsor assistance.

 Phil Ginsburg, SF Rec and Park Director

Phil Ginsburg, SF Rec and Park Director

These 21st century Fitness Courts are fantasitic - they create community in our open spaces and get people exercising.
— Phil Ginsburg, San Francisco Rec and Park Director

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