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Our team will assist you from start to finish to bring the world's best outdoor gym to your neighborhood. 


Fit Radio launches $1,000,000 Campaign to build NFC Fitness Courts in 100 cities



Cities and colleges

We partner with groups around the world to build Fitness Courts. Contact us today to join our 2017 Fit Radio National Fitness Campaign!  Learn More



ARchitects and Corporations

Let's work together to bring the Fitness Court to your next project. Learn More



Community members

Jump-start a movement to bring the Fitness Court to you neighborhood. Learn More



NFC Fitness Court + Campaign

Our campaigns create partnerships to engage leaders in funding, siting, promoting and activating Fitness Courts. 


Campaign Eco-System

Our campaign tools and resources support partnerships from pre-installation to post-installation and beyond. 


Announcing 2017 National Campaign sponsor Fit Radio


Fit Radio and National Fitness Campaign turn your city into a gym. 

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National Fitness Campaign is building sponsor supported Fitness Courts all across the USA and beyond in 2017. 

Apply today to join the campaign!

Become a Local Fitness Leader today. 

Interested in bringing the court to your community? We are here to help.

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A Campaign begins when a Local Fitness Leader sees value in joining NFC, to bring the campaign to a city, school, or neighborhood. 

If your community is a good fit for our program, the NFC will partner with you to bring the project to life. 

We have a step-by-step process that provides:

  • Fitness Court development plan and timeline
  • Fundraising 
  • Launch celebration
  • Activation - events, promotions
  • Fit City growth plans 

Contact us today for more information!

Design meets Fitness.  

Beautiful design that packs a punch - seamlessly integrated into a 35'x32' space. 


Form meets function. 

Innovative design, durable materials, and human scale make this system the best in the world. 


Our system combines 7 movements in a 7 minute circuit, resulting in a full-body workout in under 10 minutes. 


Bring the court to your next project. 

Our experienced design team is glad to assist with your unique project. Contact us today for a quote .

  • Specifications, cad drawings and 3D models are available upon request.