Funding Now Available

Contact us to learn more about how to qualify for sponsor funding and join the 2017-18 Campaign. 


2018 Fit Radio national fitness campaign


Fit Radio, the #1 rated workout app worldwide has joined National Fitness Campaign as a national sponsor to bring Fitness Courts to cities everywhere. 

 Funding is available to launch campaigns across the USA and beyond. 

Funding is available to launch campaigns across the USA and beyond. 


San Francisco Case Study

Hear about the Fitness Court from Phil Ginsburg, San Francisco's Rec and Parks Director.  

The response from the community to our debut Fitness Court has really been amazing.

Video of Phil Ginsburg, SF Rec and Park Director


Campaign Overview

Fitness Campaigns act as a road-map, using tools and resources to fund, build and activate NFC Fitness Courts®




planning support

Step 1: Join the Campaign

The Campaign begins when a founder or partner sees value in developing healthy infrastructure to build a fit community. Set up a meeting with our team to discuss a partnership. If selected, we will commence with the project, confirm our local NFC leader and provide an opportunity to commit to the process. 

 Our team helps analyze the city to develop a  city gym plan.  

Our team helps analyze the city to develop a city gym plan. 

Step 2: Site Planning

Our design team helps the city identify the best location for an NFC Fitness Court®. We analyze pedestrian infrastructure, parks, and future development plans to identify key fitness pathways and prime locations for the outdoor gym.  We help visualize the project with renderings, engaging stakeholders and community members. 


 Step 3: Funding Support

Our campaign managers provide tools to help your city support their funding though sponsorships and crowdfunding. Our unique approach helps people bring the National Fitness Campaign to their community. 


4. Site Preparation and Approvals

Once permitted, it takes one week to build an NFC Fitness Court® from start to finish. Site prep is simple and straightforward. 


5. Community Launch

NFC supports the organization for a launch day and grand opening.

Video of NFC opening in Pierre-Bénite, France


community fitness building


Active Programming

Our system supports trainers, community leaders and city officials to provide active programming and help turn your city into a gym. 


Video of NFC Challenge in San Francisco


Events and Challenges

Use the court and the 7x7 routine to challenge your friends, local fitness leaders and more.


Digital Tools

Our mobile app, website, and social media accounts support the Fitness Court as a community platform for fitness.

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There are a lot of reasons to get involved

Every city and school needs healthy infrastructure. Join National Fitness Campaign and get on the road to building your fit community.  We've helped more than 4,000 communities since 1979. Contact us today!