Empowering Cities through Free Fitness

Founded in 1979, the National Fitness Campaign has partnered with over 4,000 cities to build healthy infrastructure. We’ve designed a new Fitness Court for the 21st Century and will open in 100 cities in 2018. The first Fitness Court is already open on the scenic San Francisco Marina Green and attracts thousands of visitors each month.

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The World’s Best Outdoor Gym

The Fitness Court is a world class gym that redefines the way communities interact with fitness. With the Fitness Court, anyone can enjoy a fun full body routine in just seven minutes. Whether you are a fitness professional or are working out for the first time, the Fitness Court provides an accessible way to get healthy and stay fit.



Making fitness free and accessible to everyone is the heart of the National Fitness Campaign. It’s why we partner with great sponsors like Fit Radio to help communities like yours get the funds and resources you need to make your Fitness Court a reality. We’re excited to have already awarded $10,000 grants to 33 cities committed to building a court in 2018.

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Join a Campaign that’s Sweeping the Nation.