At 32'x35', our Fitness Court is an outdoor bodyweight circuit-training system designed to provide a simple yet powerful workout for a wide range of athletic abilities. Each Fitness Court features 30 individual pieces of equipment, shock-resistant sports flooring and is comprised of seven exercise stations that allow for more than 30 people to use the court at the same time. Manufactured in the USA, the court is built to last. 


Basketball court, tennis court FITNESS COURT

essential components for active public space








Invent  method of activating public spaces


  1. Stuffy gym vs.  Fitness Court

  2. Inside vs. Outside

  3. Cardio  vs. Workout

  4. Working out alone vs. Working out together

  5. Paying too much vs.  Paying nothing


The fitness court maximizes both efficiency and user comfort with its equipment layout. A unique, social experience allows people to connect while providing the necessary personal space to excercise.


Progressive Training. 

The court is built to accommodate a variety of fitness levels and abilities. Each station can be used in varying degrees of difficulty, from beginner to expert.



The Court has been carefully crafted with a durable, high grade material palette and energizing colors. The one-of-a-kind design is an incredible addition to any public space.